Digital Marketing in Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, but a task that requires a lot of self-discipline, passion, money, and time. Not to mention, keeping up with the technology, which, is a crucial part in development of one’s own products. When starting a new business, startups usually rely on “bootstrapping”, which enables them to keep the costs down and use their personal finances. Being frugal, in that respect, calls for abstinence in other spheres of life.

Having accomplished that, an entrepreneur can solely focus on the development of his company. The question that follows is, how to brand your product and let people know about you. Nowadays, the answer is pretty simple and straightforward. Marketing. Moreover, digital marketing. Although being a broad matter, it is usually referred to as marketing in a digital world.


The sole beginnings of digital marketing go back to 1980’s, along with the development of personal computers, which facilitated the storage of customers’ information in digital databases. Marketers slowly turned to technology and left their “door to door” approach in the past. It was a fast enough transition which called for digital education and paved the way for major digital marketing growth. Today, we can surely ascertain that digital marketing is indeed, a hotbed for startups. If used effectively, digital marketing can bring down one’s costs to a minimum, and help gain traction for their startup.


Furthermore, when we add the fact that approximately 3 billion people use the internet today, it is no wonder that our realities are in huge part governed with the technology we use everyday. Since we live in a digital era, entrepreneurs are very much aware of the importance of digital marketing for their startups.

Now, let’s point out some of the key facts and tips on how to stay relevant in the respective field and deliver the best results for your company.


Tips for achieving results with digital marketing

  • Think social and local – get the customers to really know you and your product, have an amazing story to tell.
  • Think consistency and content – get your message across by being consistent; i.e. say what you need to say in the most simplest way possible. Deliver an engaging content which is relevant to the matter at hand and think about the context as well.
  • Be a disruptor – Be yourself, and make sure the people remember you by your uniqueness and creativity.
  • Let customers speak for you – is there any better way of marketing than a happy customer who will recommend your product to other people?


Taking the above tips in the consideration, there should be no doubt that a future digital marketer will be on the right track to success. A “small” digital marketer can be a competition to big giants thanks to the technology and tools which are being offered today. Simply by using social media tools, such as twitter and facebook, sending weekly or monthly newsletters, is a great start for starting a company with virtually no cost. Thus, there seems to be no need to resort to hefty spending with the tools at disposal, which are, all in all, of proven quality and resonating power.


Instead, let the patience, passion, and the tips mentioned be at the core of entrepreneurs’ journey in digital marketing.


Adriana Samardzic

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